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BodyAngel Activewear

Body Angel Activewear is a San Diego, California based womens active, workout and yoga wear company launched by founder and designer Maria-Fernanda De La Vega. De La Vega was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, which is the largest port city in Colombia. Growing up in Colombia she developed an early affliction for fashion and dreamed of one day being able to bring her own inspirations to life.She attended the Metropolitan University where she received a degree in Dentistry. While managing a busy class load at the University, Maria managed to fit in some modeling and has worked off and on since coming to the United States in 2003. The experience of modeling directly engaged her in the fashion world, which spearheaded the desire further to launch her own line.

From an early age, working out, feeling good, being fit and making living a healthy lifestyle a priority have been a very important part of her daily life. Comfortable workout clothing may already be easy to find, but Maria wanted something more. She noticed that there was really nothing out there that was fashionable, different and cute! Inspired by the wonderful colors of her native citys world-famous Carnival Festival, Indonesian Batik, fading colors and Tye-Dye, she decided to design and launch Body Angel Activewear.

Now, with products and clients worldwide, we continue to focus on new and creative products for her avid customers.